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Signs your Drain is Starting to Clog


Recognizing the early signs of a clog can help you address early problem signs before they escalate. Below we’ll discuss some common signs that indicate your drain may be starting to clog, so you can take proactive measures to prevent further complications.

Slow Drainage:

One of the first signs that your drain may be starting to clog is slow drainage. If water is taking longer than usual to drain from your sink, bathtub, or shower, it could indicate a partial blockage in the pipes. Pay attention to any gradual changes in drainage speed, as this may be an early warning sign of a developing clog.

Gurgling Sounds:

Another indicator of a potential drain clog is gurgling sounds coming from your drains. If you hear strange noises when water is draining, it could mean that air is trapped in the pipes due to a blockage. Gurgling sounds are often accompanied by slow drainage and may worsen over time as the clog becomes more severe.

Foul Odors:

Foul odors emanating from your drains can be a telltale sign of a clog. Accumulated debris and organic matter trapped in the pipes can produce unpleasant smells that are noticeable when water is running or when the drain is not in use. If you detect persistent odors coming from your drains, it’s likely time to investigate and address the underlying cause.

Water Backups:

One of the most obvious signs of a clogged drain is water backups in sinks, toilets, or tubs. If water starts to pool or rise in one fixture when another fixture is in use, it suggests a blockage in the main drain line. Water backups can lead to messy and unsanitary conditions, so it’s essential to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage.

Changes in Water Pressure:

A sudden decrease in water pressure in one or more fixtures could indicate a clogged drain. Blockages restrict the flow of water through the pipes, resulting in reduced water pressure when you turn on the faucet or shower. If you notice a significant change in water pressure, especially accompanied by other signs of a clog, it’s best to have your drains inspected by a professional plumber.


Recognizing the early signs of a clogged drain can save you time, money, and frustration by allowing you to address the issue before it escalates into a major plumbing problem.

 If you’re having any of the signs of drain clogging listed above, give us a call right away and we can be out in no time for a drain inspection!

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